About Us


We manufacture a Full set of cable and safety systems products using high-quality raw materials according to international and Egyptian standards, with the highest quality and competitive prices that match our customer’s needs through our skilled and professional team that helps to spread our brand name PSG.

Our customers and their needs are our high priority; therefore, we are always searching For new techniques which provide them with an unexpected and satisfactory product because they are the reason for our success. And From this point, we gained a sustainable brand name all over the area in addition to loyal customers in other countries.

The main purpose of manufacturing our products is to comply with all architectural designs which make us Unique. In addition to assuring the QHSE in all our manufacturing process, therefore we designed all our products to match the British manufacturing standards, to provide more confidence For our customers, due to this we obtained the International ISO Certificates (ISO 9001:2015 6 EOS/IEC). And to sustain this level of trust we are always developing and do continues grow through testing our products within all the manufacturing stages, For that our slogan is we will always meet your expectations because you are our priority.

Tamer Mahmoud EL Sayed


Core Values

Continues development & Agility Customer Satisfaction Transparency & Integrity Synergy Responsibility Excellence.

Our Vision

To be a work partner with all our customers For providing them with the best solutions, that suits them, in our fields.

Our Mission

We are seeking to be an international leading supportive manufacturing and supplying company.

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