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PSGMTP3/4Electrical Metallic Tubing - EMTU.S. 3/4 Metric 21inch 0.922 mm 32.4inch 0.049 mm 1.2510 Per Pack3000 mm
PSGMTP1/1Electrical Metallic Tubing - EMTU.S. 1.0 Metric 27inch 1.163 mm 29.5inch 0.057 mm 1.455 Per Pack3000 mm
PSGMTP1/2Electrical Metallic Tubing - EMTU.S. 1/2 Metric 16inch 0.706 mm 17.9inch 0.042 mm 1.0710 Per Pack3000 mm
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PSG – EMT  combines strength with ductility resulting in faster and easier installation.

EMT provides easy bending, cutting, and joining while resisting flattening, kinking, and splitting, creating smooth, continuous raceways for fast wire pulling.

PSG pull – EMT – has a special law fiction ID coating that greatly improves the slip properties between conduit and wire with PSG pull, wire pulls through the conduit smoothly and easily.

PSG (Fit) EMT has an integral steel set-screw coupling formed on one end of each length of EMT specifying the codes listed for EMT ensures an all-steel system both conduit and coupling for excellent strength and ground return as well as economy.

PSG for EMT conduit and fitting is available in all trade sizes.

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