The largest electrical pipes factory in Egypt in 2024

PVC electrical pipes

Plast Service Group Factory offers to all its customers as the best manufacturer of PVC electrical pipes, a distinguished assortment of electrical pipes, plastic electrical pipes, and fire-resistant plastic electrical pipes that match the specifications of the International Electricity Authority, international standards and Egyptian standard specifications.

POLY VINY CHLORIDE PVC pipes are considered one of the finest and most used types of pipes, and this is for their cheap price and serve the purpose with high efficiency. They are used inside walls and in electrical installations in concrete ceilings, and are distinguished by their resistance to fire.

UPVC pipes: This type is similar to regular PVC pipes, but it does not contain any recycled components, but it is of higher quality than regular PVC, so its price is much more expensive, as well as this type is supplied inside the wall, knowing that there are companies that require the use of this The type of pipes in the projects, as well as finding a variety of sizes and diameters; Some of them are small pipes such as those used in roofing and concrete walls, and among them are also the large pipes that we use in road and asphalt encroachments.